I have made this set for all too use, from one broken hearted Australian in memory of all lives lost


A Day Of Terror


Planes crash and lives gone

What oh what has gone wrong?

We wonder at why this happened today

What words do you even say?


The God of mercy is on our side

Knowing we have Him as our guide

To help ease the pain we feel

This is all just too unreal!!!


The tears flow from our hearts

Wondering how this all had to start

Why our lives are being disrupted this way

Wishing and hoping the pain to go away


Not knowing if our loved ones are here or gone

I ask of you what has gone wrong?

How could this tragedy happen this way

Where do you start what do you say?


God of mercy help us this day

To ease the pain we feel today

We have no answers only you do

Please God tell us what to do


Help those who have suffered this great pain

Of not being able to see their loved ones again

Help them to find comfort in you

For only this you can do.



Written in memory of the lives lost from the Terrorist attack September 11th, 2001


Beth Richard mommy to Brandon Roger Richard, bornstill June 26, 1998.

"Gone but not forgotten"



Australian hearts were broken to wake up to the tragedy of Black Tuesday.  I would like to extend my sympathies to all families whose loved one is missing or lost in this hideous act.   Also to all the Australians who were taken on this darkest of days.  Australia mourns you all.

Sydney, Australia

Impact of terrorist attacks felt at Hawthorn

By Paul Gough

Friday, September 14, 2001

THE impact of the terrorist attacks in the United States has been felt on a personal level at Hawthorn.

Gun midfielder Daniel Chick and his American wife Kimberley have been waiting for news of her sister's fiance - who was working in the World Trade Centre in New York when it was hit by one of the four hijacked planes.

However with no word forthcoming he is presumed to be one of the thousands buried under the rubble.

'We all know what a week it's been and we're looking forward to having a break from that and having a game of football,' Schwab said ahead of tomorrow's AFL semi-final against Port Adelaide.

'Daniel Chick's wife Kimberley's sister has had what looks like being a tragedy with her fiance.

'That has bought it home on a personal level but the guys are all old enough and mature enough and been watching it on the television to understand the magnitude of it all.

'We openly discussed that and Daniel spoke to the group and we know football has been put on the back-burner.'

Schwab said sport had an important role to play in times of crisis as a way of lifting people's spirits.

'You've got to look back and say why was Phar Lap such an icon of Australia - because he was such a great racehorse in a depression,' said Schwab.

'Sport is a beautiful thing that way and it's something people enjoy and it gives us a refreshing break from what has happened this week.'

Hawthorn players wore black armbands Saturday night see above photo

Australian aircraft joins relief effort

AN Australian military aircraft has joined relief efforts in the United States in the wake of a series of terrorist attacks, Defence Minister Peter Reith has said.

The Federal government approved the use of the Royal Australian Air Force C-130 Hercules in response to a request from the US, a statement said.

It would be used to transport about 30 people from Atlanta to New York.

Sydney ,Australia

'Many Aussies feared dead'

FAMILIES and friends would have to start preparing for news of the deaths of many Australians in the US terrorist attacks, a federal MP in New York has warned.

Liberal backbencher Lou Lieberman, in New York for a United Nations conference, said Australian officials were preparing to contact relatives of those believed killed in the World Trade Centre.

Staff from Australia's diplomatic mission in New York were gathering names of nationals thought to be in the centre when it was hit by two hijacked airliners.

"We will have to pull together tomorrow in Australia, because a lot of people are going to find out loved ones have died," he said.

"It's going to be a terrible thing, having to contact those families and tell them what's happened.

"It just numbs the mind at what's gone on."

Many Australian banking and insurance brokers worked in the trade centre.

Trade officials have already determined that some escaped the disaster, but many are still unaccounted for.

Mr Lieberman was in a flat about 3km to the north of the trade centre when it was hit by the first plane.

He and members of the Australian delegation to the conference have been outside, looking at the carnage.

Even late into the US night, there is still dirt and smoke filling the air, he said.

Mr Lieberman said Americans had acted calmly and without panic, despite the tragedy.

"This is a very proud nation and the people themselves, there's no sense of panic but there is definitely a feeling of shock," he said.

"There is a sense of 'we're not going to yield' in the face of this."

The delegation is staying near a local school.

Mr Lieberman said many children had become distressed after seeing the explosions at the trade centre.

"They came out on the footpath, all taken out of the school, and they were in various degrees of distress," he said.

Mr Lieberman said it was vital for Australia to back US efforts to catch and punish those responsible for the attacks.



As I look out my window today,
Its not the same as yesterday
The towers that once were,
Are now gone from my view.

A terrible act of senselessness
That noone can explain
Has taken from us
A sense of security and
Replaced it with pain.

A nation shaken at its very core
Yet resilient and united
Will fight on, and punish those
Who did us wrong.

Why would someone do this
I can't even explain
All I know is many lives
Were destroyed on those planes.

Innocent people, moms, dads, and kids
All taken in their prime
Some before they even got to live.

Yet we will never fully understand
The pain caused by all of this.
As Americans we cry out for vengeance.

The need to reclaim our security
We want those responsible caught
And punished for their deeds
Even if it means war.

Let's join together
And pray for our country
For we need to remain United
And show them we won't be broken.

In loving memory of the victims of the World Trade
Center and Pentagon destruction.
Delynn Rosson
Sept. 14,2001


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